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If you can offer a stable and loving home to a child in Liverpool, Foster Careline wants to help you on that journey.


Securing a stable home for foster children is to give them the best chance for a bright future. Of all the children in care, 80% will live with a foster family which is why Liverpool City Council are campaigning harder for more carers. The Fostering Network estimates there’s a shortage of some 7,600 foster families in the UK, so your help is desperately needed.


A rewarding and financially viable career.


Liverpool is more in need of skilled carers than ever, with many children having to live in residential homes or being placed with carers outside the city, or worse yet, being separated from siblings.


Who can become a foster carer?


All sorts of people become foster carers and there’s no upper age limits, although you must be over 21 years old. Furthermore, you don’t have to be married or own your home to become a foster carer. Despite this misconception, 19% of foster carers are single.


If you’re interested in fostering in Liverpool, simply get in touch today on 0800 566 8337.


Or text FOSTER for a call back on 07535 000699.

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