Considering Fostering In Liverpool?

Are you interested in fostering a child in Liverpool? Can you offer the love and support that vulnerable children need when temporarily separated from their family?

A happy and healthy environment is essential to a child’s development and good foster parents can literally change the course of a child’s life.

Over 52,000 children end up in care in the UK and foster care accounts for 75% of children in care. It’s estimated that around 32% who enter the care system are under five years old. Meanwhile, 61% are aged between 5 and 15, which means there are far more older children and teenagers looking for placements than toddlers.

One of the most heartening statistics is that 70% of siblings in foster care manage to find a placement together, which can make a huge difference to their morale.

When you’re interested in fostering in Liverpool, Foster Careline are always happy to provide you with more information.

We are an independent fostering agency that cover North Wales and the North West of England, including Liverpool. We work closely with local authorities to improve outcomes for children entering foster care.

For more information on fostering in Liverpool, simply contact us on 0800 566 8337.

Or text FOSTER for call back on 07535 000 699.

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