Fostering In The North West Of England And North Wales

For many children, they won’t be spending Christmas with their families- instead, through no fault of their own, they have had to enter the care system.


Children enter foster care for lots of different reasons, but whatever the reason, it’s always linked to the fact they weren’t receiving the requisite care.


There is no doubt that good foster care makes a difference to a child’s life. For instance, one recent study by Oxford and Bristol University researchers has shown that children in foster care achieve better educational results, in comparison to those who remain in troubled families. The longer these vulnerable children stayed in care, the better they performed academically.


When questioned, these children said this was because they felt ‘more safe and secure’ and that they truly mattered to somebody.


If you’re in North West England or North Wales, and interested in fostering, contact Foster Careline today.


Our organisation offer the highest levels of support for all foster carers, along with a generous living allowance. When we say full support, we really meant it- Foster Careline will be available 24/7 for help and assistance with any problems you might encounter. After all, fostering is a full time job and demands full time support.


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