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Did you know one of Manchester’s best-known poets grew up in foster care?

Although Lemn Sissay had bad experiences in the care system the late 1960s, he still thinks fostering is one of the valuable things a human being can do.

Sissay released his first book of poetry when he was 21 years old and is now a well-known broadcaster and writer. Fortunately, the system has changed a great deal since the 1960s when women still suffered from a great deal of disempowerment, which meant children like Sissay often went into care when they shouldn’t have.

Nowadays in the UK, a child comes into care every 20 minutes needing a foster family, according to The Huffington Post: that’s around 1,000 children a month.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer in Manchester, you might be surprised to learn carers come from all walks of life.

You can follow any religion, be married or single, and either own a home or be renting. The most important thing is you have the love and support that a child needs.

If you’re thinking of fostering a child in the Manchester, Foster Careline have all the information you need. Most of our referrals come from local authorities who want the best for children in care.

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