Interested in Fostering in Manchester?

Could you welcome a child into your home in Manchester?

Picture starting the new year without a family to call your own: that’s the reality for thousands of children in the UK. Being in care can be a disorientating experience and have a long-term impact on someone’s life, especially if they don’t receive the support they need.

Becoming a professional foster carer can be rewarding both financially and emotionally and make a child believe in people again, which makes it the most important job you’ll ever do!

Could you qualify as a foster carer in Manchester?

There are many preconceived ideas about what fostering involves, and many people mistakenly believe they wouldn’t qualify, whether due to age or their relationship status. However, a wide range of people become foster carers: from couples aged over 65, to single people who don’t own their own home.

A foster child can stay with a carer for only a few weeks, or it can be years; it really does vary from case to case.

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