Foster Care in the North West of England and Wales

Becoming A Foster Carer In The North West Of England/North Wales

It’s impossible to over-emphasise the importance of good foster care. Helping vulnerable children through difficult times of transition, carers make a genuine difference to someone’s life.


Many of us take it for granted that we were loved and cared for as children. Unfortunately some children are not so lucky. People enter the foster-care system for lots of reasons. But what they all have is common is parents who don’t meet their basic needs. These are often related to security, warmth, nourishment and emotional support.


If you are good with children and have their best needs at heart, Foster Careline need you. Although anyone can become a foster carer, it’s vital you have the qualities to support children. Understandably, many kids have suffered difficult experiences and this is reflected in their behaviour. This is why we particularly need carers for children with challenging behaviour.


There’s no denying being a foster carer is challenging, but it’s also highly rewarding. The actor Neil Morrissey spoke fondly of his foster carers in a BBC documentary. Without them he wasn’t sure he would have been so successful. Your efforts truly could make a lasting difference. At Foster Careline we give our carers a huge amount of support, including a 24 hours helpline.


If you live in the North West of England or North Wales, and are considering becoming a foster carer, simply click here.


Or call on 0800 566 8337.

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