Considering Fostering a Child in Liverpool?

In the UK, a child comes into care every 20 minutes needing a foster family: that’s around 1,000 children a month. If you’re thinking of fostering a child, you’ll have never been in greater demand.


2017 is considered a crucial year for fostering, because the government are planning to put more emphasis on the issues facing foster carers, including improving the level of support they receive.


A report by The Fostering Network has found half of foster carers aren’t given a training plan for the next 12 months. A third also reported they weren’t treated as an equal by the child’s social worker. It’s therefore highly important to choose a fostering agency that supports you at all times.


Are you thinking of fostering a child in Liverpool?


For a highly supportive foster agency, look towards Foster Careline. Unlike many foster agencies, we strive to offer support throughout the process, both beforehand and during your time fostering a child. That’s why we review our practices, policies and procedures on a regular basis.


We also have procedures in place to monitor all aspects of our service.


If you’re in Liverpool, why not find out more information today?


Call 0800 566 8337 or Text FOSTER for a call back on 07535 000 699.

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