Do I Get Paid To Become A Foster Carer?

Before considering fostering, it’s likely a hundred questions float through your mind. Am I the right age? Would my home be suitable? Am I too old?


It’s not an easy step to make, but likely to be one you’ll never regret.


Although it’s not the most important aspect of fostering, it’s likely you wonder if you get paid to be a foster carer. With living costs higher than ever, it’s understandable that this would be at the forefront of your mind.


The good answer is, yes- being a foster carer means you not only get a weekly allowance; it also provides you with generous tax breaks. The threshold for the Foster Carer Tax Scheme, which applies to a majority of people, is £10,000 a year.


This weekly allowance is for both the daily care of a child, including food, clothing and leisure, and a fee for your help. Payment depends on the child’s age and specific needs along with whether they’re part of a sibling group. You can find an example of this on our website.


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