Fostering A Child In Liverpool

Foster carers can literally re-build lives, taking a child from a place of confusion and rejection, to somewhere they feel valued and understood.

If you’re considering fostering a child in Liverpool, our independent fostering agency want to help you take that step. We’d love to talk about the skills and qualities you have to offer.

What does the fostering process involve?

Make an enquiry in Liverpool and a social worker will visit you at home, who can decide whether to proceed or not. This initial home visit means we can answer any questions you might have. Following this initial meeting with the social worker, you’ll be invited to one of our training groups, which consists of six different sessions.

After this training, you will be given an official application form, which will be screened by taking into account the following:

  • An enhanced criminal record checks (DBS)
  • A medical with your GP
  • Four references: two personal (with one person that can be from your family), and others from former employees or professionals.

Discover more about fostering a child in Liverpool today.

Or give us a call on 0800 566 8337.

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