How Much Do Fosters Get Paid?

If you’re wondering about becoming a Foster Carer, a number of questions might arise. Do I receive emotional support? How much would do I get paid? Would I be qualified?


In terms of payment and allowances, Foster Carers receive a weekly payment. This helps you care for the child and keep them warm, safe and well-nourished. This payment consists of two different instalments: one for the aforementioned, the other as a fostering fee for you.


Payment differ depending on a number of factors such as the child’s age and whether they are part of a sibling group. The payment starts at £340 per week and increases according to age and requirements.


Fostering is also recognised by the HMRC as self-employment. This means you will receive generous tax benefits, which could further help you. Many foster carers pay no tax at all. The threshold for the Foster Care tax scheme is £10,000.00. This obviously applies to a vast majority of carers.


For an organisation that offers full support, visit Foster Careline today. We can offer further information and advice on the entire process.


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