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This time of year is particularly difficult for children in care. With so much focus on families and togetherness, it’s easy to feel ostracised. Both Christmas and New Year’s Eve are very family-centric, and only accentuate the loneliness of not being part of a normal family unit.

Contrary to popular beliefs, fostering isn’t always a short-term option. Foster parents can care for children for anything from a few weeks, or into adulthood. There’s another misconception that you can’t foster if you’re over a certain age- actually, there is no upper age limit for foster carers.

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If you’re thinking of fostering a child in Liverpool, you could be about to make a huge difference to somebody’s life.

One of Liverpool’s most famous residents, John Lennon, didn’t have a run-of-the-mill upbringing; he was brought up by his aunt rather than his mother. He was also abandoned by his father at any early age. However, he is a great example of how a child can achieve amazing things if they have somebody who cares for them, like his Aunt Mimi.

Becoming a foster carer doesn’t just change someone else’s life. It changes yours too.

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Looking for Foster Care Agencies in Liverpool?

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