The Children In Our Care

The children in our care

The children who are placed in our care have shown tremendous courage and resilience, some have been removed due to experiencing intolerable abuse.They have faced the trauma of separation from their families (however difficult it was at home) and numerous moves from placement to placement. I can’t imagine the terror of being taken, possibly separated from siblings and placed in a stranger’s home. Sometimes their placements would only be for a few weeks or months and further moves would happen. Again children would have to get used to new ways and new people. They should feel angry and mistrustful and “let down”. Why should they trust us? Why should they believe we care? We can’t change the past, we can’t expect them to trust us immediately, we can’t expect them not to be angry and sad, it takes time, sometimes a long time. We can only care, listen, guide and support and wait.


Thanks to all of our Foster Carers on behalf of the children for “waiting”.

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