To our Present Foster Carers

To our Present Foster Carers

Our Foster Carers are the heroes. We understand the challenges that you all face every day. With your safe care, empathy and kindness you have improved the outcomes of all of our children. I know at times you have faced difficulties that have tested you to the extreme, but with your tenacity and belief in what you do you have managed to overcome the problems.


A big thank you to all of your families who of course foster with you! I know that some of you have had major personal challenges to cope with and have managed to ‘hang on in there.’ You have put the children first against ‘all the odds.’ If anyone had any doubts about the resilience and kindness of human nature, I would point them to our Foster Carers. This sentiment was echoed by the Inspector who visited our service in November. She visited two of our households and spoke to social workers and parents of our children. She only received the highest of praise from all of them about your work and achievements. She also witnessed the good work first hand. It is you that earned the “Outstanding for Outcomes” from OFSTED. I would like to say a big thank you to you all for the hard work that you do.


Even if the children don’t understand it now (and maybe some never will) we all know that you have improved the lives of children who were in desperate need of security and safety and nurture. You have helped them to look forward to a positive future.

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