Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and child fostering is a specialised form of foster care that provides assistance to families in need in the North West of England. It involves offering your support to a parent or parents and their child or children during a challenging time, helping them to stay together in the long term. With our support available 24/7 and your compassionate guidance, you can help them raise a happy and cared for child, ultimately making a positive impact on their lives and their future as a family.

Who will I look after?

As a parent and child foster carer, you will provide support to families who are experiencing difficulties with parenting whilst they are assessed and/or supported to try and resolve these difficulties. The aim is to ensure the child has the best chance of remaining with their family. 

While this type of placement is sometimes known as parent and baby fostering, you may not always look after very young children. Equally, the parent or parents can be of either gender, and their ages can range from adolescence to adulthood. 

Challenges and rewards

As a parent and child foster carer, you have the opportunity to provide vital support to a new parent or parents who may be struggling. You will have the joy of witnessing parents make huge progress, eventually leaving your care and looking after their child independently. Helping them overcome their disadvantages and feel confident in their parenting abilities. Ultimately, your support will have enabled a family to stay together, which is an incredible thing to do. The placement may only last as little as 12 weeks, but the benefits can last a lifetime.  

Sadly, there may be occasions where the child cannot remain with their birth parent/s. In such cases, you will assist the parent/s and child, or children, in coping with the outcomes of this difficult decision. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to support you every step of the way, ensuring you have the resources and guidance you need to provide compassionate care.

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