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Launch a rewarding career in child care

If you live in a loving, stable home and would like to offer a vulnerable child a safe place to stay, becoming a foster carer could be for you. Foster carers are paid to look after children who are temporarily or permanently unable to live with their birth families. They are child care experts working with a team of professionals to give children a brighter and happier future.

Why foster?

Fostering is not just a career, it is a role that blends into and enriches your everyday life. It gives you flexibility and you can work from home. In some cases, it is possible to combine fostering with other work, too, depending on the needs of the children in your care. The main reason why people foster is because it is extremely rewarding. Still, it can be challenging, so we invest in our carers with a full support package:


As a part of a social enterprise and independent provider, we offer a highly competitive tax-free fostering allowance in the region of £418 a week, or £21,809 per year. We can also arrange short break cover and holiday pay. 

Activities and support

Our carers meet for regular coffee mornings to swap notes and share experiences and we run activity days where foster families can have fun together.  We can match you with a foster parent buddy to guide you on your way. 


We provide a free, comprehensive training package to all our foster carers. We know life is busy, that’s why we offer training in-person, or via e-learning to make the sessions as accessible as possible. 

You’re in good company

As an independent foster care agency, we are in the unique position of having highly qualified and experienced staff on call 24-hours a day to help you and the children in your care. We’ll always be here for guidance and support. 

Can I foster?

There are some essential criteria you’ll need to meet to be considered as a foster carer us. You will need to:  

  • Be inspired about making a difference in a child or young person’s life
  • Be over the age of 21
  • Have a furnished spare room that is not used by anybody else
  • Be committed to undergo training and development
  • Be able to work in partnership with the team involved in caring for the child/young person

Support that’s local to you

We know how important relationships are. Having a local office means: 

  • Less travel and more face to face time with our supportive team
  • Opportunities to join local events in the North West
  • The chance to form close relationships with other local foster carers

Meet foster carer Tracey

Want to know what it’s like to walk a day in the shoes of a Foster Careline foster carer? Hear from one of our brilliant foster parents in the video below.

We’re looking for foster carers in your area

If you’re an existing foster carer with a local authority or other fostering provider, or if you are new to fostering, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for foster carers in the following locations and surrounding areas:

  • Buckley
  • Cheshire
  • Chester
  • Ellesmere Port
  • Liverpool
  • Northwich
  • Runcorn and Widnes
  • St Helens
  • Warrington
  • Winsford
  • Wirral
  • Wrexham
  • …and all areas in between

Hear what our foster parents say about fostering with us…

"I’d always known that fostering was something that I wanted to do, as a way to share my knowledge with other mums, having experienced similar situations to them. I just felt like I could help so many other mothers secure a better future for themselves and their children."

Jasmyne & Michelle

"Foster Careline is amazing because of the support that you get. They do support groups, they do training sessions which are amazing. They really help you and you feel like you have all the tools that you actually need to do the job."

Foster carer

"Fostering was always something I had considered after seeing my best friend’s parents foster when I was younger. However, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I had more time to think about my calling in life and started to consider fostering more seriously."

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