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Based here in Ellesmere Port, we are a friendly, dedicated team who believe in building strong relationships with our carers, helping to create child centred family environments and communities for foster children.


“I would definitely recommend fostering as a career to anyone, whether you’ve got children of your own or whether you haven’t. You’re giving a foster child a life, you know, your life, part of you.”

“You know, there are highs and there are lows, but just knowing that I’ve made a difference to the children’s lives, especially the little girl that I’ve got in placement now… Just to be involved in her everyday life and just watch her grow up and the things that she’s achieving. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“Foster Careline is amazing because of the support that you get. They do support groups, they do training sessions which are amazing. They really help you and you feel like you have all the tools that you actually you need to do the job.”


Fostering Case Studies

CASE STUDY – married couple with children of their own.

Errol and Lisa have been married for over 20 years and both of their children have now left home. Errol still works full time but Lisa gave up her clerical role when the children left to concentrate on being a Foster Carer.

They have cared for many children over the past few years. Currently they have two siblings, who they have had for just over two years and hope to Foster Care for them until they are eighteen. As they have a four bedroom house they have just accepted a little girl on a short term placement, too.

Their only regret is they didn’t think of Fostering sooner!

CASE STUDY- single female carer with no child of her own.  

Mary is single, 42 years old and has never had children of her own, although she has experience of caring for her nephews when her sister was seriously ill. After working for a Supermarket for almost 25 years she decided that she wanted a new challenge. She still needed an income, however, but she wanted a job that she felt was more rewarding and wanted to give something back to society.

Mary approached Foster Careline and had an initial meeting to gauge her suitability for the role of a Foster Carer. An assessment was carried out which covered all aspects of her, her home and her support system. This process took three months and during that time Mary also received group and one to one training which she found really enjoyable.

After this Mary was approved by Foster Careline’s and was ready to foster a child! Within five weeks she was offered the chance to care for a 13 year old girl, who the Foster Careline team thought would be a good match for Mary. She had suffered abuse and as a result, suffered from depression and self-harm. The young person has now been living with Mary for six months and whilst at times the relationship has been challenging, she no longer self-harms and is now learning to manage her depressions.

Mary and her foster child are about to go on their first-ever holiday and Mary is considering part-time employment whilst the young person is at school.

CASE STUDY – single male carer with children of his own.

Ed is single and has two adult children, a son and a daughter. His daughter has now left home and his son is at University but comes home for the holidays. Ed has been Fostering since his own children were six and eight years old. He was a full time carer for a number of years and did not work but he now has a part time job with the bank. He has cared for many children over the past few years and currently has two siblings, who he hopes to care for until adulthood. Most of the children that Ed has cared for still keep in touch.

Ed said that the biggest reward comes knowing that he has given children the opportunity to experience positive family life and a sense of belonging. He says that judging from the size of his family gatherings, the young people certainly feel that they do belong.

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